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The Cleaning and Restoration Association (CRA) is a nonprofit organization of cleaning companies, restoration companies, abatement companies, and vendors serving the Western United States. The association’s goal is to create venues to advance the knowledge and professionalism of the cleaning and restoration industry.

Meetings, training programs, golf tournaments, and online services create networking opportunities and information hubs that will support and enhance your business. Discounts on programs and training provide your business with exclusive savings that will more than cover the cost of membership.

CRA helps to promote and set standards in the arts and sciences of the cleaning and restoration industry and to educate members and the public in the advancement, uses, and improvements in the industry.

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Code of Ethics

As providers of cleaning and restoration services to the public, we strive to apply the following principles with those that we have a business relationship.

  • conduct our business affairs with honesty and integrity;
  • to treat our customer’s property with care and respect;
  • to render our professional services consistent with current industry standards;
  • to continue to develop proficiency in our services by attending relevant training programs;
  • to share our knowledge with others in our industry; and
  • to avoid or disclose any conflicts of interest with our customers


It is the mission of the CRA to advance the interests of its members by providing educational programs and services that are relevant to their business interests.

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Cleaning and Restoration Association
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Phone: 916.736.1100 ext. 302
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